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Philosophy of Bashir Dawood and Mariyam Dawood foundation

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The foundation has followed a philosophy over these years from the foundation time until now is that they have followed and taken endeavours throughout the nation to assist the people who have been disaster-affected internationally.

natural climatic disasters

It was in the 2000s that the nation faced several natural climatic disasters including the flood two major earthquakes and droughts and this caused lots of loss of natural reserves, bringing adverse climatic changes and emigration of a huge population. People dealt with the loss of livestock, livelihood and the lives were put in constant danger throughout. As there are so many things that were happening in the nation it brought up a lot of fear among the population and everyone wanted to have peace with the situation to have a better place where they can stay happy.

How can you be a part of the Bashir Dawood foundation?

There comes no restriction to apply and anyone who is willing to help the organization in any manner can join the Bashir Dawood foundation in order to make a difference in the lives of other people mostly the section of society who is in desperate need to have the help. The process of being part of the foundation is quite easy for anyone to follow and you have to just bring forward your will to be a volunteer that is all that the entry process of this foundation takes.

Every sort of donation matters to the foundation and the people who are looking forward to getting the required help.

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