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Mixing That Music Right in Your Recording Studio

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We get numerous tracks that are mixed vocals against an mp3 track. This is not the way it is supposed to go down. There are many variables involved that will make your Engineer kiss you, a big wet one right on the lips. Well not really. But they will honor you in the end of the day. Below are some suggestions. When you get a beat from a manufacturer or you are the manufacturer, use/request the entire session. Be certain every sound inside the beat is on its own audio track.

Add your vocals to this session ensuring your vocals are coming in at a level that is not clipping too loudly. -6 is a fantastic level or even -3 but no greater than that. If you record crap, it will come out as crap. Record your most important vocals, wallpapers, adlibs, and intro/out if applicable. Note: If a different studio mixes your songs, recording from the mp3 track is fine. You simply want the vocals at this time. While mixing Raz Klinghoffer with all the session documents remember them? The split files? , keep an eye on your master output and maintain that around -3. You want some headroom for this master right?

Music Producer

Start Together with your drums by obtaining that kick, snare and hit hats to harmonize together. Oh how sweet the sound. Throw in your primary vocal and allow it to sit just above your drums. Can you hear anything clashing? Is the kick overbearing your outspoken? Turn it down a bit. Going down in volume versus going up is always a plus. Ensure this kick/vocal do not clash because they should remain in a center pan. Use effects on the kick to silence it a little. What is that sounding?

It is beginning to sound sweet. Ok, now add in some of your sounds FX, keyboard, guitar, etc. and make those tools sit in their own space inside the mix. If something is clashing, pan it a bit to the right or left. Can you hear every noise by itself? What is that kick sounding? How about the major vocal? Is the keyboard drowning it out? It is getting better. Now add on your background vocals. Add whatever impacts you deem necessary based on the sound you are trying to project. That does not mean hurry up and run to your nearest auto tune Get those vocals sounding sweet and clear. We would like to hear what you need to say. And you should want to get heard.