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Everything You Need to Know about the counter concealer

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You have noticed a couple of fine lines etched on your face. Perhaps it is time to start searching for an excellent counter concealer. Before you shell out your hard earned cash on any counter concealer, make certain you understand what you are going to place on your skin. Not only do many concealer lotions not work, some are even dangerous to your skin and your health! The principal ingredient in most concealers these times is collagen. Now, which may sound good, thinking about the fact that reduced levels of collagen is what is causing your skin to wrinkle in the first location.

The issue is that in an effort to save money, some producer’s are using collagen made from ground up chicken parts. Not only can this not absorb into your skin, but it could actually age it longer. Collagen is inefficient when added to a skin product; it has to be made by the body naturally to have any advantage.


Here are other harmful ingredients your favorite wrinkle cream may contain:

  1. Parabens are artificial preservatives which may extend the shelf life of several skin care products, but also have been linked with breast cancer in several studies that are notable.
  2. Mineral Oils can contain ingredients which cause skin irritation, depression, clog pores, and cause skin ailments later on.

With all these dangers lurking in some of the most sought after counter creams being sold now, Go natural! Organic ingredients are not only safer for the skin; they are a lot more effective in the fight against wrinkles. First, since they are derived from nature, offering the perfect nutrients your skin needs to replenish itself and keep its youthful look. Secondly, best over the counter concealer are usually purified several times before added to organic wrinkle creams. As an example, Aqua is purified twice once through reverse osmosis and after using high heat sterilization; beeswax is harvested right from the honeycomb, than purified twice; whereas Shea butter is made of the seed oil that comes from the Shea nut tree.

When studying a product’s ingredients, be sure to look for these all-important natural wrinkle removers:

  1. Phytessence Wakame – A kind of Japanese kelp that helps to moisturize skin, seal in moisture and heal skin damage.
  2. Nano-lipobelle H-EQ10 is an antioxidant that may absorb deep into the 7th layer of skin to provide long-lasting wrinkle relief.
  3. Cynergy TK aids the bodies re-grow elastin collagen and skin cell fibers.

Offering virtually no side effects, these organic ingredients are an excellent addition to nay counter skin lotion. To discover more about ways to take care of your skin, visit my website now and find a product line from New Zealand I personally use every day.

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