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Top five Tips for Preventing Car Crime

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  1. WL Mobile ValetingGet outfitted – If you happen to be in the market for a second-hand or new vehicle, ensure you purchase one with an alarm that alerts others to auto crime as it is being perpetrated and an immobilizer that prevents the engine from being started without the key, so the vehicle cannot be hotwired. Once it is been activated some cars have a tracker device fitted, allowing the police to find the vehicle. Immobilizer’s alarms and trackers can be retro fitted but it is easier to purchase a car together already. You could invest in a wheel clamp and gear lever lock or a steering. Locking wheel nuts are inexpensive, simple to fit and stop thieves.
  2. Make your mark – If you cannot afford a nice alert or your old banger does not justify the investment, consider purchasing some fake car alarm or immobilizer decals. To the car thief that is frequent, these are a deterrent. Etching your vehicle registration number or your Vehicle Identification Number or VIN, the last seven digits on windows, windscreens and headlamps is another fantastic way of keeping thieves away. And do not forget to mark all of your equipment, like your car stereo and sat nav.
  3. Do not be a sucker – It is the cup marks left on the windscreen DAB radios and by naves if there is something which functions to goodies in the glove box. Devices are rich pickings for thieves they are universal and mobile makes them easy to exchange for money.
  4. Park likes a moth – Moths are the driver that is sensible is drawn to light. Areas generally have the light and more passersby and the people are for auto thieves. Park your car if you have one, or drive when you are at home and lock it. When using a car park, start looking for one that is part of this Safer Parking strategy that is police-approved and exhibits the Park Mark.
  5. Think like a burglar – Much of it is although not all car crime is opportunist. The lesson would be to take a moment in mobile car valet Oxford and leave it. The Truth is, if you are just popping into a shop for a moment that it is easy to get by bumping to a friend or colleague, for case in point – so do not leave your vehicle unlocked. Not leaving valuables on not and view leaving them in the vehicle is important. Car offenders require seconds to and are specialists at their game commit a crime which may take you months. You have to think carefully about safety, even in the comfort of your residence.

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