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Would it be advisable for the Officer When Contesting Your Speeding Ticket?

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Your karma has finally run out. After speeding all over Seattle to and from work, to and from the exercise center, and to and from anywhere else you were going, the cops finally busted you the other day for going too fast. And you are not too happy about it, if for no other explanation you do not care for the idea of paying a fine for driving safely, however over the posted speed limit. The way you see it, Seattle speeding tickets and other traffic infractions are a roundabout way for the city to tax its residents.

Be that as it may, you are not really sure what to do. You have heard about individuals that battled speeding tickets and won, and you have heard of various individuals that paid Seattle speeding ticket lawyers and won, yet you are not sure that you want to pay that amount of money to beat this speeding ticket. So you choose to do a little research and go it on your own. And before you even get started you are hit with a question you know is critical to beating your speeding ticket: Should I subpoena the officer at my contested speeding ticket hearing?

And he’s right. Deciding whether or not to subpoena the officer is a vital question to answer early. And the issue is, there is not necessarily any right or wrong answer (which is why it is ideal to have an experienced speeding ticket attorney on your side to help you make the decision). However, there are a few consequences to deciding either way, and we will talk several these beneath.

In the first place, in the event that you subpoena the officer, you get the chance to a few things. First you get the chance to hear his story out of his mouth, instead of the 10 or so sentences he’s composed on the back of the traffic ticket. The prosecutor or judge will get the chance to ask him questions about what he did, what he saw, and what he heard during your traffic citation issuance. And you also get to hear the officer cover his tracks if the information on the ticket is somewhat suspect. And second, you get the chance to question him about the traffic stop. This ought to include pointing out the inconsistencies in his testimony, making sure he followed traffic strategy and protocol accurately, and anything else you can think of and read more on new york speeding tickets. With regards to this, I’m sure you can see why it would pay have an experience speeding ticket lawyer on your side to see these weaknesses and point out the issues with the officer’s testimony.

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