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Know How to Work on Instagram Likes and Follows

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Instagram today is the most popular social media platform with a user base of more than millions across the globe. Users can share their pictures and emotions publicly, and within a fraction of seconds, it’s ready to appear to all the users using the platform. Instagram has really changed the face of digital marketing and immensely boosted its revenue.

But a considerable number of followers and likes are required to boosts the engagement in the posts. This is the reason that brands and influencers are tempted to purchase Instagram likes and follows and compete with rivals with more massive followings. Increasing your Instagram likes and follows artificially not only ends up being unprofitable but can be even worse. It can even damage your brand name!

This article will explain the disadvantages of buying Instagram likes and follows and also will list out the tactics to increase them organically.

Drawbacks of Buying Instagram Likes and Follows:

  • Instagram may punish you.
  • Fake Instagram likes and follows cannot bring you real sales.
  • Fake Instagram likes and follows can be figured out.

Instagram May Punish You

Facebook and Twitter started weeding out millions of fake accounts after 2010. Following their footsteps, Instagram too started removing out fake likes, followers and comments that were purchased from third-party sites. If you are a regular purchaser of these services, then you may get your account partially blocked. But if things get worse, your account may get permanently blocked, or you may end up restricting your IP address.

Instagram Likes and Follows

Fake Likes and Followers Cannot Bring You Real Sales.

Fake likes and followers are generated from programming codes or bots. These can only make your brand appear larger than it is and not contribute anything to purchase or brand loyalty. Moreover, these purchased services can make your account look spammy and create a negative impression on the platform users.

Fake Likes and Followers Can Be Figured Out

 If you are a buyer of these services, your likes-to-follow and comments-to-likes ratio would be too high. This happens because purchasing likes is way cheaper than comments and followers. This speaks everything about the account. Moreover, the accounts that will like your posts will have very little activity, and sometimes they may lack profile photos. These are only a few tactics to know if the account uses such kind of services.

The disadvantages of using cheap services for growth outweigh the advantages. The real growth happens when you use the organic tactics to grow your account, and we have a few tactics you can use to grow your account organically. Check them out:

Organic Ways to Grow Your Account:

  • Create excellent and relevant content
  • Tag people and places
  • Wisely use hashtags
  • Get to experience the power of social media.
  • Interact with other users


Now that you know how to build engagement organically in your posts through, you can pick up your gadget and start posting. Remember, nothing is better than original!

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